EnviroCluster Peterborough shared their best practices from 10 years managing experience of Cluster Organization

From November 26th to 27th ,2012 was held a bilateral meeting between representatives of the Black Sea Energy Cluster and “EnviroCluster Peterborough”. The meeting took place in Eco-innovation center, based on “EnviroCluster Peterborough” in the city of Peterborough, UK. The idea of the event was the representatives of the newly established Black Sea Energy Cluster, to gain valuable experience from the best practices of the hosts of “EnviroCluster Peterborough”.

“Envirocluster Peterborough” has 10 years experience and works hard to help its 350 members, all dedicated to eco sector. Although the cluster has been created to support eco-businesses in the town of Peterborough, its members include business organizations across the whole UK. In the cluster participated organizations which operate in the sphere of water resources and waste management, environmental organizations, NGOs, world-knowned universities and business structures in production sphere area of energy efficiency and renewable energy. GDP of the cluster members exceeds 590 million Pounds and over 5,800 employees.

The main topics of the meeting were:

• cluster development through the adoption of new members who share the philosophy of the development and use of energy efficient technologies and processes
• Methodology for financing cluster activities
• Opportunities and approaches used by the clusters to support their members
• The cluster as an engine for development of eco-innovation businesses
• Branding eco initiatives and giving opportunities to apply them in the business
• Working with local government and motivate the Municipalities to use eco-innovative products that lead to energy efficent processes or to the use of renewable energy sources