Established in 29th August 2011, the Cluster incorporates business companies, educational institutions and regional non-profit associations in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

BSEC is created with a clear vision to promote good business relationships in benefit of environment, climate and green economy!

The cluster members are organizations which produce technologies in the areas of renewable energy use and energy efficiency, or act as suppliers on different production and service levels. NGO’ members of BSEC support Bulgarian Black Sea municipalities in their efforts to ensure sustainable development and effectiveness in the area. Apart from the local and regional authorities, the cluster operates in co-operation with Bulgarian Sustainable Energy Development Agency, universities and research institution in the Black Sea region.

THE МAIN VISION for development of BSEC is: creating organization supporting decrease in the energy consumption, organization which supports the development of the renewable energy resources and effectively managing the energy flow in the Black Sea Local Region.


  • To support the activities of its members in combining their efforts when preparing suggestions for improving the national and local legislation in order to ensure a sustainable energy policy, as well as participating in national, European and international projects.

  • To maintain the contacts and cooperation with the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development, Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and other government institutions in developing improvement of state legislation in the field of sustainable energy development, energy efficiency policy and implementation of renewable energy sources

  • To maintain contacts with the Directorate for Energy and Transport of the European Commission (EC), leading to apply directives of the EC, as well as participating in different local and regional initiatives

  • To exchange information and spread best practices and results in the energy efficiency field on the international and local level

  • To assist local authorities and the tourism industry as vital participants in the initiatives and projects related to the energy efficiency and the environmental protection.

  • To research, develop and create projects, regulations and standards, to execute those projects, to consult about the programs in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection, to implement eco-friendly energy innovations, to educate, to publish and spread information materials about Sustainable Energy Sector.

The main objective of creating BSEC is to support renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses in the fields of eco-innovation, green entrepreneurship and competitiveness, contributing to the positive market development in sustainable energy production and services.