Experts from the Black Sea Energy Cluster participated in the World Sustainable Energy Days’ 2013

The World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED), one of the largest annual conferences in this field in Europe, offered a unique combination of events on sustainable energy. The 2013 event, which was held from 27 February to 1 March in Wels/Austria, attracted more than 800 participants from 61countries. For more than 20 years, experts and decision makers from all over the world flock to Upper Austria to attend the events – in the last years, the conference attracted more than 10,000 participants from over 100 countries!

The conference programme 2013 covered two main topics: biomass and energy efficiency.

In the biomass field,the following conferences and events were offered:
• European Pellet Conference includingthe Pellet Networking Platform
• WSED next
∙ Biomass(a conference for young researchers)
• Site-visit: Pellets & Wood Chips The topic of energy efficiency was covered in the following conferences and events:
• Energy Efficiency Watch Conference
• Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Conference
• WSEDnext Energy Efficiency (a conference for young researchers) including the R&D Networking Platform
• Site-visit: Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
With the greatest interest Our experts visited “European Pellet Conference”

Pellets are a clean, CO2 neutral and convenient fuel with growing market shares worldwide. The European Pellet Conference 2013 in Wels/Austria was once again the meeting place for the global pellet community, presenting the latest technology trends, updates on policy, legislation and standardisation, news from research and innovation as well as an outlook on the developments on European and global markets. It offered inspirational case studies and examples as well as an exchange of experience among experts and new business opportunities. With more than 600 participants every year, the European Pellet Conferences held in Wels have become largest annual pellet event in the world.

The European Pellet Conference 2013 offered a range of interesting sessions and events and started with a plenary session on recent developments in field of EU policy for bioenergy, the new IEA Technology Roadmap and cost developments of fossil fuels. In the following session, market trends for pellets and main opportunities and challenges for the wood pellet sector were presented.

Upcoming event World Sustainable Energy Days, 5-7 March 2014, Wels/Austria – Planned WESD 2014 conference topics will include wood pellets and “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” as well as an event for young researchers in sustainable energy. Expect more information on the BSEC web site (